A judge ordered a wooden giza door to be removed from the White House after it was found to be ‘an unqualified violation of the separation of powers’.

Fox News has learned that a judge ordered an oak giza wall to be hauled away from the Lincoln Memorial, after the president deemed it “unqualified” for the site.

The wall was erected in 1919 and has been regularly visited by presidents and vice presidents since.

The White House has not responded to requests for comment.

However, the National Park Service (NPS) did tell Fox News that the wall “was constructed with structural integrity as required by the U.S. Constitution” and “was approved by the President of the United States and approved by all relevant authorities”.

The NPS added: “The fence was constructed using only natural materials and methods, and did not exceed the authorized capacity of the property.”

It is unclear how many times the president has visited the giza in recent years, though it is clear the wall has had some kind of impact.

A spokesman for the NPS said in an email: “It is our policy to remove any fence that is not appropriate for the location and we have removed fences across the country for years.

The president has not been to the White Hill since the installation of the fence in 1920.

It is not known what other locations he visited.”

The giza is considered sacred by the Muslim Brotherhood and many Muslim nations.

It was constructed during the Ottoman Empire, after which the Egyptian rulers used it as a symbol of the new empire.

The US has had a giza since the mid-1890s and was established in 1891.

It is the highest peak in the world at 8,300 metres (27,854 feet).

The White House, however, is currently on the lower level of the monument, where it is a mile lower.