A sign of the times? A sign that could be an eyesore?

It’s not the first time a timber door has popped up on the front door.

In 2016, a sign at the entrance to a home on Longwood Drive in Fort Worth was torn down, a new sign at an apartment complex was destroyed and a new window was installed.

But this time, a window at the home of a woman who lives in the home where the sign was removed was replaced with a window on a glass panel in the door.

“It’s just an eye-opener,” resident Laura Gomes said.

“I just feel like we need to take a look at this.

We have this sign, it’s in a window, and then it just looks like a sign.

I just feel that it’s not safe for anybody in our neighborhood to have that.”

A new sign was also installed for the Fort Worth home where Gomes lives.

Gomes said she noticed the new sign before the home was demolished and she felt that she was being forced to buy more.

“We don’t have to buy a house here, and I think we’re not supposed to be buying houses here, you know?

And so I felt like I needed to look at it, so I went out and bought a little bit of glass for the window,” she said.

Games said the window has been a big help in the years since the sign went up.

“I don’t want to see that sign go up again, and it will just be another eyesore for everybody,” she added.

The homeowners association says it was not aware of the problems before the sign got torn down.