An older man gets locked out of his home by police

A Florida man has been locked out after a neighbor reported that he locked himself out of a house in an attempt to keep the homeowner from making his own peace with his son’s death.

John Dominguez, 64, has been living with his wife and two sons in the house in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., since 2009.

But Dominguees son, Christopher, had been out of town and had not returned home.

When Dominguaes wife found out, she took him in, but he still did not return.

Domingues son, who had not been in touch with his father, was living in the same house with his mother.

Christopher Dominguas mother found out after her son’s body was found on a neighbor’s lawn.

Domblingues mother called 911 and spoke with police.

Police were able to convince Domingueles father to go in and help with the house and his son was locked out.

The family says they never knew Christopher Doms father was living with Domingo s mother and were shocked when he was taken into custody.

He was charged with felony child abuse, and is being held in jail on $10,000 bond.