Browns owner’s son says he ‘would have no issue’ with Manziel moving to team’s new stadium

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said on Monday that his son and former NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel would “absolutely” move to the team’s current home, and he reiterated that Manziel is “not on the bubble” of a potential move to Cleveland.

“The owner is a good, good man,” Haslam told NFL Network’s Michael David Smith.

“The owner loves him and loves his son.

He has no issue with him being in Cleveland.

We would absolutely have no problem with Johnny being in this city, whether it’s in Cleveland or anywhere else.

That’s the reality of the situation.”

Asked if he thinks the Browns could play at the same stadium as the New York Giants, which has a new stadium in place, Haslam answered, “I have no idea.”

“Johnny is a great person,” Hasham continued.

“He loves this city.

He loves our city.

And, you know, I think it’s just time for us to move forward.

We are in the right place.

We have a great organization.

We just have to figure out a way to win.”

Asked whether he would “have any issue” with the team moving to a new facility if he were in charge, Hasham said, “Well, I would absolutely not.

But I wouldn’t know.

I don’t know where the stadium is going to be.”

The Browns have had a mixed start to the season, finishing 1-7, their worst since 1990.

Haslam also said he is “excited” about signing free agent tight end Anthony Fasano to a long-term contract, and is looking forward to working with the former Ravens star on the defensive line.

“We want him to be a part of the defense,” Hasam said of Fasano.

“We think he’s going to have a good career there.”

Haslam has also said that he wants the Browns to keep “everybody who works there” and to keep hiring “young, hardworking people.”