Hockey fans rally behind Woodson

The NHL has issued a stern warning to fans of all stripes after a spate of incidents in which players were assaulted by fans at hockey games.

It also said it was reviewing its policies regarding incidents at games.

In the past two days, two people have been arrested and one man has been charged with assaulting an opponent at a game.

In one incident, the NHL’s vice president of communications, Mark Brown, said on Wednesday that the league was “looking at some policies that we’ve put in place for the safety of our players and the fans that support them.”

“We have been working very hard to address some of these issues, particularly in our community and in our games, which is really an issue of safety and security,” he said.

“We’ve got a number of programs in place to help us address those issues.

We’re working hard to improve our safety and safety in our facilities, but it’s not always easy to do.”

The league has instituted a series of safety guidelines that include video cameras in arenas, limiting access to seats, making it harder to injure players, and limiting the amount of alcohol allowed in arenas.

Players have also been advised not to go to the bathroom until their seats are completely cleared.

There are also safety measures for fans at game times.

The league has banned fans from bringing food to seats and has installed new metal detectors at game entrances.

The NHL also said in a statement Wednesday that it was “evaluating” its policies in the area of fans.

“As we continue to work with our players, fans, and the communities in which we play, we will continue to keep you informed,” it said.