How old wooden doors from Old Town could save a life

Old wooden doors could save the life of a newborn child by protecting their vital organs from the elements, a New Jersey health official said Thursday.

A baby could be born in the world’s oldest wooden door, the New Jersey Department of Health said in a press release.

The doors were constructed in 1871 in Woodstock, New Jersey.

They are still standing in the state’s oldest public health building in Woodbridge.

“The wooden doors in Woodtown, New York, were the oldest in the country until now,” said Dr. Jennifer Mott, director of the department of pediatric infectious diseases at the New York City Health Department.

“They’re the oldest public buildings in the United States.”

The doors are built of logs and metal and are covered with the shells of birds and bats.

It is a natural environment, but they do have to be kept in an airtight container, Mott said.

“Wooden doors provide an excellent environment for the health of newborn babies and their immune systems to thrive,” Mott added.

“When the babies breathe in the air, the bacteria and viruses that thrive on bacteria and other germs in their environment, they’re exposed to harmful germs.

So wooden doors make that environment safe for the baby.”

The wooden door is a popular place for parents to put their newborns to sleep at night, Motto said.

Wooden door manufacturers have built an industry around their products, Motta said.

But when the doors are not being used for their intended purpose, they could have harmful effects, she said.

“These old wooden door are designed to last forever and will not allow their owner to get sick.”

The New Jersey State Department of Environmental Protection has recommended using a wooden door for infants to sleep in.

“In New Jersey, we use a variety of materials to protect our environment, including wood, wood-frame construction, wood, and other wood products,” Motto added.

The department also recommends using the doors at night.

“It’s a great idea for newborns and young children to go into the house and put a baby down on the floor, or sleep in a crib on a floor that is secured,” Motta added.

The door can also be used to protect against dust mites.