How to build a wooden castle in just a few hours

Wood pocket doors can be tricky to build because they require lots of wood and lots of patience.

That’s because they take time to make, but the payoff is huge.

They’re also really simple to install, so there’s no reason you can’t make your own.

This tutorial will show you how to make a wooden pocket door in under an hour using just the basic tools you have at home.

Wood pocket door project details The first step is to cut a hole in the wall with a sharp knife and a pair of screws.

Using a router, you’ll need to cut the hole about 1/4-inch thick.

Then you’ll use a hammer to push the holes in.

You can also use a drill press to drill a hole or use a hacksaw to cut through the wood.

The wood pocket door is really a one-piece piece, so you’ll want to use the exact same size as your wood.

Once you’ve drilled the holes, use the same exact size screws to attach the wood door to the wall.

Then use the right side of the screws to secure the door.

Next, you need to drill holes through the door so it’s not accidentally hanging open while you’re standing there.

The drill holes are a good way to test the wood to make sure the hole is square.

You don’t need to be very precise with the drill holes, but make sure they’re big enough so they’re able to withstand the force of the door opening.

Once all of the holes are drilled, attach the door with screws.

If you’re using a hacksam, be sure to drill all of those holes with the same drill bit, otherwise the door will crack.

The door is then ready to be glued together with screws, or you can use the screws themselves.

Once the door is glued together, you can remove the door and attach it to the walls using the screws.

Make sure you have a couple of screws per side, so they don’t slip out.

Make a note of the width of the hole you drilled through the wall to ensure the door won’t pop out.

This is where the wood pocket doors hinges come in.

The hinges are actually built into the door, so the hinges are held in place by a locking screw.

The screws will fit into the holes where the screws were drilled and hold them in place.

Once those screws are in place, you just need to thread the screws through the holes so they’ll slide through the opening in the door to close it.

Once it’s closed, you’re done.

Here’s what you’ll get when you put it all together: The door has been glued together and the hinges on it are in good shape.

You’re ready to glue in the hinges, which you can then attach using the same screws that you used to attach your door.

The only thing that needs to be changed is where to attach them.

Make the hinge on the door hinge larger to help it close the door without accidentally opening it while you are standing there, and the other hinge smaller to help the door slide back inside.

To do this, use your fingers to gently push the hinges together as they slide down the sides of the house.

Once they’re all snugged together, attach them using the right sides of your screws.

It should feel a little tight at first, but after a couple more tries you’ll feel it snap back into place.

You’ll also need to make another adjustment to the hinges to make them stay in place better, so be sure you don’t loosen them too much or they’ll pop out of place.

Now you can hang your door with the hinges in place using the screw holes that you drilled into the wood wall.

When you’re ready, you should have a pretty decent looking wooden door.

Now that you have your wooden door, you may want to install it to your walls or to your patio.

If the door slides around and makes a mess, it’s possible that the wood inside the pocket door will also spill into your patio, so make sure it’s clean before you start.

This isn’t a particularly tough job, and you can also easily install it anywhere else.

If your doors are hanging on your walls, it may be best to put the door on a different piece of wood to keep the moisture out.

To make your next door, head over to Home Depot or Home Depot’s website and check out their wood wall options.

If they have a door that fits in the same area, you probably won’t need the wooden door anyway.