How to build your own wood door: guide to the craft

Zimbabwe has a reputation for producing beautiful wooden doors that can withstand high winds, but there are many other door types that could also be built with ease.

Here are five tips for building your own wooden door.


Build a wooden door with a metal hinge You can create a wood door with the help of a metal latch hinge.

It is easier than it sounds, as the hinges can be tightened and loosened in order to make the door slide open or close.

The hinge is held on by a rubber ring.

This will prevent any part of the door from moving.

You will need: two nails or screws to attach the hinge to the door; a flathead screwdriver or a pair of pliers for the attachment of the hinge; a small hammer or a hammer with a flat tip for hammering the hinge into place; a wooden dowel or wooden block for the dowel; a pair or three of dowels to hold the hinge in place; two pieces of 2×4, 6×8 or 12×12 sheet metal; and a piece of wire to tie the metal hinge onto the door frame.

You can use a wood block or 2×2 piece of wood for the hinge.


Build your own door using a wood dowel, a metal dowel and a wooden block The dowel is a piece made of a thin piece of sheet metal with an angle on one side.

The dowels are not glued together like glue but rather they are attached to the hinges with a wire loop.

The metal dowels have an angle that will give the door a different shape.

They also need to be held together by two wooden dowels or two 2×6 sheets of metal.

The wood dowels can be used to make wooden doors with a hinge as well.


Build an aluminum door with two hinges and two wooden blocks If you prefer to use wooden blocks instead of the wood doweled hinges, you can use the wooden doweled hinge and wooden blocks to build an aluminum wood door.

The hinges are attached with an anchor to the wood frame.

The wooden blocks can be made from a pair, three or four pieces of wood, or even a piece or two of sheetmetal.

You may need to use different lengths of the two wooden halves for different door styles.


Build one of these wooden door doors using a metal door hinge and wood doweling The hinges on this door hinge can be removed from the door.

If the hinges are not removed, they will remain attached to each other.

The only problem with the hinges is that they need to remain on the door for a long time, so you might want to use a wooden clamp for the metal door.

For the wooden door, use the dowels as long as you need.

You might also want to glue the wooden parts onto the hinges.


Build another wooden door using an aluminum hinge and two metal dowelingThe hinges on the aluminum door hinge are not as strong as the wooden ones.

But you can easily make them stronger by gluing them onto the wooden hinges.

You could use the same dowel used for the wooden hinge to glue on the metal doweled one.

You also need a wood plate or two for the aluminum doors, as well as a pair for the wood door frame, as shown.


Make your own leather door hinge by cutting out a wooden frame and attaching it to the hinge of your wood door article Wood doors are a popular choice for building doors because of their ease of construction.

They are lightweight and strong, but they also cost a little more than metal doors.

Here is how to make a leather door that can be easily repaired with screws.

First, remove the door and all of its hinges.

Then you can carefully cut a piece out of wood to the size of a quarter, and attach it to a hinge.

Then, attach the hinges to the metal frame.


Cut a metal frame out of a 2×3 piece of 2×6 sheet metal to make an aluminum wooden door frame 1.

Remove the door 2.

Remove and glue the hinge 3.

Cut two pieces from the wood 4.

Make two wooden doors from a piece and glue them to each of the hinges 5.

Attach the hinges onto the frame 6.

Take a piece from each of two wooden parts and attach them to the frame 7.

Secure the door with screws 8.

Secure and attach the door to the window frame 9.

Secure your door to your window frame 10.

Finish the doors with wood glue and finish by trimming the wood frames to match the door frames.