How to buy new wooden doors from the market

The first wooden door from the new Wooden Door Project was delivered in May.

The project aims to produce up to 100 wooden doors in three years, with the goal to double that by 2020.

The wooden doors are handcrafted in Italy and come in various sizes, shapes and finishes.

“The doors are handmade from a combination of recycled materials and wood from the wood market,” explained architect Stefano Gatti, who founded the project with his wife Elena.

The doors also have special design features such as their shape, which is a result of a combination process.

They are designed to withstand the elements, withstand pressure and have an excellent durability.

“It is an excellent product to produce and it is easy to use,” said Stefano.

“I can see myself using them for a long time.”

The doors will be available at all major brick and mortar stores in Italy.

The company is also preparing a new line of wooden door frames and doors for sale to consumers.

“We want to create a new kind of furniture in the home,” Stefano explained.

“We want people to enjoy the wooden door in a new way.”