How to Make Your Own Door With a Door Smasher

The next step is to assemble the doors yourself.

You need a door smasher, a tool that attaches to a door frame and cuts through the material on your door.

A door smacker is an old-fashioned tool that can cut through any material, and has been used in homes for centuries.

The DIY door smashers can be very effective and affordable, and the process can be quite fun and educational.

Here are five tips to help you assemble the best DIY door to door door smash.


Cut the pieces on your planks and nails with scissors and glue.2.

You can purchase a cheap glue gun and use it to apply glue to the door pieces and nails.3.

For the door frame, cut pieces from 2-inch by 6-inch board using a jigsaw.

You will need two pieces for the door and one for the frame.4.

Use a drill press to cut the two pieces of the door.5.

Use the jigsaw to cut out the two parts of the frame, including the door opening.6.

Once the door frames are cut, glue the door panels together.7.

Using a glue gun, attach the doors to the frames.8.

Repeat for the other door.9.

If you’re making a kitchen, place the doors and windows on the side opposite each other, and add a sliding glass door in the middle.10.

If making a bathroom, add a mirror and curtain.