How to turn your wooden half-doors into a wooden bathroom

A couple of years ago, I was trying to get rid of my wooden half doors, when I noticed that the ones that I was using for the living room, bathroom and kitchen were all pretty old.

I wanted to get my hands on an old half-door for the kitchen, and I thought I could make one out of an old brick, but it would be a bit expensive. 

So I went ahead and made one.

It’s not that much more complicated than a wooden door, and it’s easy to build. 

First, you’ll need a piece of wood, about 6 feet tall, and some wood glue.

I used a 1/2 inch plywood, and cut the piece into 12 equal pieces. 

Then, I glued the pieces together using a drywall screw driver.

Then, I screwed the pieces into place with a wood glue gun. 

Once that was all done, it was time to put it together.

First, I drilled two holes for the door frame.

Then I cut the door out of the plywood and glued it in place. 

I then drilled holes for each of the four corners, as well as the bottom of the door.

I did all of this with a small drill bit and a file. 

Next, I put the wood glue in the holes for both the door and the frame. 

You can see the glue on the door, so it’s not dry.

Next, I placed the door hinge pieces in the two holes. 

After that, I used the drywall screws to secure the door hinges in place, and then I added the door frames to the bottom. 

The whole process took about a minute and a half. 

There is a little bit of glue on one of the hinge pieces, so be careful when you take off the glue.

I did this process several times and it took about two hours to complete.

The only reason I didn’t just leave the hinges in for a few days was because I wanted the door to stand up when I got home.

I also wanted to make sure the door wouldn’t get kicked off the hinges during the day, so I added a couple of feet of wood glue to each door hinge, and a couple more to the doorframes.

If you’re building your own wooden half house, I suggest getting a piece with the proper thickness, like a 2-1/2 inches.

If you’re not sure what thickness you need, you can find the appropriate size from the National Home Builders Association website. 

If you have any questions about building or remodeling your wooden home, feel free to comment below.