New Zealand wood doors found to be as old as 2,000 years

NEW ZEALAND: A group of researchers has found a treasure trove of old wooden doors in New Zealand, a country famed for its wooden doorways and ancient buildings.

According to the research, the doorways of the world’s oldest people date back 2,100 years.

In addition to their extraordinary durability and durability that is a direct result of centuries of rain and weathering, the doors also offer a fascinating glimpse into the cultures and customs of the ancient people.

The researchers say that in ancient times, people used wooden doors to keep in touch with the spirits of ancestors, to guard against wild animals, and to communicate with other people.

In New Zealand the door was used to secure access to their homes.

The doors were constructed by hand using only materials such as wood, straw and glue, with wooden strips of a wood or metal frame being added later.

The research team from the University of Auckland, University of Otago, University College, and University of Canterbury says that the ancient doorways were used for different purposes.

Some of the doors were used to store possessions, such as weapons, clothing, or jewellery, while others were used as doorways into buildings.

The doorways are believed to have been used to protect people from predators, but also to help them navigate their homes or the outside world.

A stone door from a wood door in New York City was discovered in 2009.

The researchers say there are many doors in Australia, China, Europe and the Middle East that are as old or older than 2,200 years.

The researchers have also discovered wooden doors that are up to 1,000 times as old.

The team said that in New England, a person could buy a door from any of the six counties that make up the state of New Zealand.

According the researchers, a wooden door is found at the entrance to the Royal Hospital in Wellington.

They also found wooden doors at the home of the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as at a house in the nearby town of Ponsonby.

There are many wooden doors found in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

They found that all of these doorways date back to at least 500 BC, which is an incredible feat considering that the average lifespan of a wooden home in the country is less than 500 years.

The wooden doors have a very distinctive appearance, and are not often found in the houses of people in New Guinea or New Zealand who are more likely to live in the forest or desert.

There is a huge variety of wooden doors on the market, from the wooden door at the back of a store, to the wooden doors hanging on a tree, to a wooden box door in the shape of a tree trunk.