NFL owners want NFL to remove wood door sweeps

NFL owners on Thursday were set to vote on a proposal to remove the wooden door sweeps from NFL stadiums after they were installed in Cleveland and New York City last season.

The NFL said the sweeps were not properly installed, but the owners’ proposal would eliminate their use.

The NFL, however, did not address the issue.

The league also would require teams to install the door sweep within two years after the new locks were installed, and teams would also have to install locks at the entrances of locker rooms.

The proposal by the owners comes as the NFL is facing growing calls to improve the safety of its players.

Players’ union President Eric Winston said in September that players and fans are the most at-risk demographic for concussions, noting that more than 200 of the league’s players have suffered concussions in the past two years.NFL players have complained for months that the league has not done enough to keep them safe.

They have also said the league needs to implement a mandatory concussion protocol to prevent players from going back on the field without their helmets.