‘The Walking Dead’ fans unite for the first time to celebrate 10 years on air

The first episode of The Walking Dead: The 10th Season premiered last night with the first season finale airing just one week later.

The finale was released as a digital-only download on Tuesday, with a Blu-ray edition hitting stores on Friday.

The series also has the first episode premiering on Hulu.

Below, see a few photos from the premiere of The 10-Year Anniversary Special, featuring the first glimpse at some of the cast members from the hit AMC series.

The cast members, including executive producers Gale Anne Hurd, Gale Anne Robinson, Gale Ann Hurd and Robert Kirkman, appeared in a photo session in front of the camera on Wednesday to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the show.

“It was great to be back in the studio, and I got to work with my co-workers and fans from all over the world.

The Walking Diehard, the Walking Dead, the fans, the show is a family, and it means a lot,” said Robinson, who also co-stars in the series alongside James Roday.

“We’ve got a bunch of amazing people here who really helped make this possible.”

Fans also took to Twitter on Wednesday night to celebrate with a slew of memes and photos.

One of the biggest was this one of actor Josh McDermitt.

“I love you, Josh McDermor!

10 years, 8 months, 2 weeks, 2 days ago, 10 years.

And we love you!

#walkingdead10th,” wrote one fan.

Another one was this photo of actor Steven Yeun.

“You’re a real gentleman, Steven Yeung.

I’m glad you’re back,” wrote another.

The actor, who is also known for his role in the film A Good Day to Die Hard, also starred in the upcoming film The Last Airbender.

“Thank you for coming back, Steven,” one fan tweeted.

The 10-years-on-air special will be shown on AMC starting Thursday, January 19.

Check out the official trailer for the episode below.