The wooden door braces that were the centrepiece of this story are worth a lot more than $50,000

A wooden door bracer is worth about $50 the company behind the brace says in an advertisement on a Canadian website.

The wooden door bracket is a custom-made product from the company that sells the door braces, Woodside, and is being advertised on a website called Woodside Canada.

The company said it is offering the brace for sale to buyers who want a custom door brace, and who are willing to spend a minimum of $150 on it.

The brace is made from wood, but the wood is glued to the sides to create a solid structure.

The website sells the brace with a price tag of about $80.

“The Woodside brace is designed for people who have trouble getting a solid door brace to work, as it allows you to build the door brace in two different locations, but without the expense of a drill press,” said the website.

“Woodside offers a range of custom door braces for sale, including the traditional wood door brace that is also available in different styles and finishes, as well as a range in finishes and finishes options, like a polished finish.”

The brace can be purchased online at or by calling 1-800-5-WILD.