This wood garage door will cost you $14,000,000 and make you feel like a billionaire

Wood garage doors are one of those cool new features in 2017 that’s almost certainly going to make you rich.

But if you’ve been wondering how much a wooden door will go for, you’re not alone.

According to the Australian Financial Review, a wood garagedoor will cost $14 million and make the average household millionaire.

While this isn’t the biggest price tag on the list, it is quite the bargain.

We’re talking about a door that will cost a homeowner around $7,500 per year, plus the cost of the wood, the installation, and the paint job.

So if you have a garage door that you’ve spent thousands of dollars on, you might be able to save yourself some serious cash in the long run.

To put that into perspective, we’re talking $8,500 for a wood gate, $2,000 for a metal gate, and $300 for a galvanized gate.

You could also buy a custom-made wooden gate for $10,000.

And you can even get yourself a fancy wood cabinet door for $1,000 if you want to add a little bit of flair to your garage.

While you might not be able a $14m wooden garage door in your home, we did find a few wood door alternatives that you might like to consider.

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