Trump slams ‘weak, ineffective’ Woodstock protest

President Donald Trump on Sunday called on the nation to “keep this tradition going” after a day of protests over a planned performance by rock musician Woodstock.

“Woodstock is a very strong, strong tradition.

We can’t just leave it,” Trump said.

“We can’t let it go.

We have to keep it going.

And I think we have to be very strong on this, very strong.”

Woodstock was founded in 1946 by bluesman Bob Dylan.

But its influence is much broader, with its performances and events drawing in thousands of people from around the world each year.

Trump said Sunday that the organizers of the Woodstock Festival have been trying to do “some very bad things.”

He added, “The protests are very weak.

They’re very weak, and I think they should be very, very weak.”

“You know, we have a lot of strong people.

I’m very proud to be the president of the United States of America, but I am also very, quite disappointed that the people of the world are not supporting us,” Trump added.

The president said he believes “it’s a good thing” to have “a strong leader, and we’ll see what happens.”

“And then we’ll be back to doing the things that are going to be successful.

And the things we’re doing today will be successful.”

Trump added, however, that the country needs to “make sure that the next generation of artists and performers is very, strong and very, smart and very very, powerful and very strong and powerful.”

The Woodstock performers are expected to perform on the National Mall for the first time since their performance on Friday.

The protests began on Sunday with the cancellation of the rockers show after Trump criticized the band’s use of “f–k the police” in a tweet.

The concert, which was set to be held at the National Zoo, was to have been one of several scheduled on the country’s largest outdoor outdoor concert site.

Trump’s critics, meanwhile, also called for the cancellation, saying the band was a “s–t band.”

They accused them of exploiting people with mental health issues for their own financial gain and of “taking advantage of a situation that has gone so far over the years that it is now inhumane.”

“If you’re not paying attention, you’re getting screwed,” Trump tweeted on Sunday morning.

“It is time to stop being a sucker and pay attention.

There’s no way that we can continue to do the things with the music that are so successful without paying attention.”

The president also criticized the protesters’ actions.

“They’re doing it in the middle of the country, they’re in a major city,” he said.

Trump has previously suggested that he would not have canceled the show if it was sold out.

“If it were sold out, we’d still be there,” he tweeted on Friday morning.