‘We don’t have a place for this’: A man’s tale of how he was forced to wash his dog

A man who claims he was made to wash a dog that was killed in an accident is seeking compensation.

The dog’s owner says the man washed the dog’s body in the woods, in a wooded area outside his home in north Delhi.

The owner told NDTV that his dog, named Rishikesh, was killed on April 9, after being struck by a truck.

Rishikas owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he had gone to wash the dog when he noticed the truck was driving in circles around his house.

Rishi, who had been living with his parents, told NDtv that he did not expect to have to wash this dog after being so close to it for so long.

Rishy’s owner, a local police officer, said Rishika was very shy and that she did not like people to approach her.

Risha, Rishi’s mother, said the dog had been very happy to live with her.