What do you do with a wooden door?

A new concept for a wooden doorway has been unveiled by the Malta Football Association, and it may well be the ultimate solution for fans. 

The team’s director of design and construction, Joaquim Chaves, said that a wooden floor would be used to help the players to rest in between the training sessions. 

“There are a lot of people who don’t have the space to sleep in the winter,” Chaves told Telegraph Sport.

“So the idea is to make it a real one, that we are sleeping on a table that is a wooden one, with a small sleeping bag in the middle.”

So we will be able to rest and take a break, we will have to have a meal with the team.

“Chaves added that the team had already made some preliminary plans for the wooden door concept, which will be unveiled to the public on Thursday.”

And then, in the end, we want to see the players using it for their own enjoyment, as a sleeping spot.””

We are talking about building the wooden wall, so we have the foundation, we have all the other things, we are looking at the different ways to make the wall, including a table, chairs and so on.”

And then, in the end, we want to see the players using it for their own enjoyment, as a sleeping spot.

“But it’s still not finished yet, it is still a bit early to say, so it is possible that we might not see it before the end of the season.”

As soon as we see it, we start building it.

“There have already been a number of wooden door concepts proposed, and Chaves is not afraid to push the boundaries. 

For example, last year, a wooden roof was installed at the home of the English club Manchester City, which was dubbed the ‘Wooden Roof’.”

The idea is that you can put the whole team on the roof,” Chave said.”

In this case, the players are sleeping in the pitch, they are not standing on the pitch.

“That way, we don’t need to build a new wooden roof.

We can just use the old one.”

However, Chaves also believes that the idea could work for other venues.

“There is a good opportunity to change the way we build stadiums and how we operate in stadiums,” he explained.

“In particular, we can change the pitch from an oval to a square, and then the players can sleep in different areas, which is ideal for the players.”