When a man built a modern wooden door with his own hands

The story of the construction of this wooden door is as fascinating as it is fascinating.

At the age of 80, Mr. Rajagopal of Chittoor, a village in Bihar, built a wooden door from wood that was collected from a riverbank.

When he was told it was a new and innovative door, he immediately thought it would be an eye-catching addition to his house.

However, it did not take long for him to discover that the wooden door was not an ordinary door.

Mr. J. Rajangopal, who was living at his home at the time, decided to construct the door with the help of his son and another man.

“I went to my son and said, ‘Look, this is the door of the house.

If you put in a few pieces of wood, I will make this wooden house’,” he told The Times.

Mr Rajangomal had to construct a new wooden door in the form of a circular plank.

A wooden plank was put inside a hollow piece of wood which he then attached to the other piece of wooden plank.

This wooden plank also had to be fixed into the existing wooden door.

After Mr. Kumar, Mr Rajagomal went to a friend and told him about the wooden plank he had built, and how he had also used a piece of metal as a hinge.

“He said, this one looks like it could be used to make a door, and so I gave him a few minutes to do it,” Mr. Bhattacharya said.

The friend came back with the door and Mr. Srikrishna came to inspect it.

The wooden door remained standing, and it has been there ever since.