When a white wooden door is an open invitation to crime

The story of the white wooden, steel, and glass door in a Connecticut home that has been the subject of an FBI search warrant was just one of many disturbing stories that came to light in the course of the FBI’s nationwide investigation into the distribution of child pornography.

But while it is not uncommon for FBI agents to find white wooden and steel doors in homes, the door in question is the first in the case to be opened.

The FBI obtained the warrant on July 20, 2016, and opened the door on August 17, 2016.

The home has been searched more than 4,000 times since the warrant was issued, with the FBI finding over 1,500 images of child exploitation and sexual abuse on the computer of one of the children.

The investigation was started in the summer of 2016 after a child in the home reported that he saw a boy in a bathtub and a girl in a dressing gown.

The child who filed the report said that the boy who lived in the house, who is a close friend of the victim, also was sexually abused.

The victim has not been named.

A year ago, the FBI began a national investigation into child exploitation in the homes of some of the worst child porn distributors.

A spokesperson for the FBI said that at the time the investigation began, the agency did not know how many homes had been searched.

The agency says it began its investigation in the spring of 2016, but did not specify the number of homes searched.

“We do not have a specific count of the number that have been searched and continue to work with the State’s Attorney’s office to determine the exact number of cases,” the spokesperson said.

A report prepared by the FBI revealed that the home searched had been previously rented and that the computer had been found to contain a computer file containing images of young children that the victim described as being from “child porn.”

It is not clear how the victim identified the person or persons responsible for distributing child pornography in the child’s home, or whether he knew the person who rented the home.

In addition, the report states that the person renting the home was also the person to whom the victim reported the sexual abuse.

In an interview with ABC News, a woman who lives next door to the home described the child abuse as being perpetrated by a woman and the perpetrator being a man.

“She was just a very, very good mother.

The mother was a wonderful mother,” the woman said.

The woman described her son as being extremely intelligent and a good student.

“It was a shame that these people were allowed to do what they did to him,” she said.

ABC News’ Jonathan Kaminsky contributed to this report.