Wood room door wedge to be replaced with a new, smaller model

Woodroom doors are a familiar sight in modern homes.

Many people love to use them for privacy and warmth, and they’re also a popular part of modern furniture.

But these days, some people want to get a little more creative when it comes to the way they’re used.

The Wood Room Door is one of those options.

A new design by an Ottawa-based woodworking firm will be replacing its woodroom doors with smaller, lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing models.

The new designs are a collaboration between Ottawa-area woodworkers, architects, and a local firm, Woodroom Design.

The woodroom door is a piece of wood used to connect two or more separate rooms.

It’s usually a little over 6 feet tall, and can accommodate up to two people.

It can be fitted with a wooden frame or steel frame.

In many homes, a woodroom window is an essential part of any kitchen, as the wood does not dry out easily.

In other cases, a window provides an extra door into a home.

The new design for the Wood Room Doors is the result of a two-year collaboration between Woodroom Designs, an Ottawa based woodworking shop, and the local Woodroom design firm.

The two companies collaborated to design a design that is both comfortable and stylish, and will be available for sale in the next few months.

“It’s an opportunity to get away from the woodroom and bring it into a modern kitchen,” said Woodroom’s owner, Jon Mihaili.

“There’s no reason to be in the wood room anymore.”

The wood room doors are designed to fit the needs of a modern house, which can be anything from a small office to a full-size kitchen.

With the advent of modern kitchens and bathrooms, many homeowners want to create a space that’s more accessible for all.

Mihayi said he’s always loved the idea of having a small, unobtrusive window in his home.

“The fact that it’s so inconspicuous and so light, it’s a big draw for me,” he said.

“It’s something that I’m really interested in.

It gives you that sense of privacy and that sense that you’re actually part of the home, and not just looking at the walls.”

Mihailie said he wants the new designs to be affordable and easy to use.

“You know, it feels really good to open the door and be able to open it from within the kitchen and see what you’ve got inside.”

The Wood Room door is already available in Ottawa.