Wooden door canopy to be installed in Coronavirus epidemic hotspot

An outdoor wooden door will be installed at the centre of a new outbreak hotspot in Brisbane’s north.

Key points:A wood door canopy will be put up on a corner at the corner of Lido Drive and Conestoga Road in CorondaleWood door covers are used in public places to protect against infectious diseases and to prevent them spreading.

The canopy will replace a wooden gate at the entrance to the site.

The Coronavi virus has killed more than 8,000 people and left about 40,000 more in need of hospitalisation.

The area is a hotspot for coronavirus.

Brisbane residents who want to install a wood door will have to apply to the city council for approval.

The city council has been in the process of deciding on a new outdoor wood door for the community.

The wood door covers were introduced in the 1950s as an alternative to glass and plastic to protect people from the disease.

Brickwood houses will also be demolished to make way for the new canopy, which is expected to cost about $4 million.

The council is also planning to replace the existing wooden gate.

The City of Brisbane said the tree will be placed at the intersection of Lidos Drive and the Conestogas Road intersection.”

There’s lots of activity around the community, particularly on Sundays, so we are excited about this opportunity to make sure we are safe for our residents and the wider community,” Mayor of Brisbane Greg Hunt said.

The mayor said the canopy will allow people to be more active and be more visible.”

I think we’ve got to be aware of how much it will cost and how we’re going to fund this project,” Mr Hunt said, adding that the city would seek advice from the Australian Medical Association on the benefits and costs of the project.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit the new Wood Door Area website for more information about the project, which will be available until May 7.

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