Woodworking firm gets 5-star review from Woodworkers Union

The Woodworkers union has given its highest rating to a contractor hired by a contractor for a remodeling project in the Chicago suburb of Mount Vernon.

The union said it rated the project’s woodworking expertise at the “5 Stars” level, saying the firm has a “full-service woodworking shop” and has worked with woodworking contractors for a long time.

The Chicago Tribune reported on Tuesday that Chicago-based Greenfield Construction was hired in December to renovate the property of a retired bank executive.

The Tribune reported the work was completed in July and the home is being sold by Greenfield for $2.1 million.

The company has been praised by the union for its work.

The Woodworkers said the company has the ability to use the wood and the machinery to create a woodwork work that will not break the bank.

“The contractor has the wood working tools, the machinery, the skills to make this project a success,” union president Steve Stolper said.

“And they have the woodworking skills to take care of the finishing.

They have the skills, they have to take those skills and they have put them into place.”

Greenfield Construction is a major construction contractor with offices in Chicago, Detroit, Washington and Orlando.

The construction company had been in the news in February when a video surfaced that showed a construction worker beating a young black man to death with a baseball bat.